Subs And Gift Aid

Subs & Gift Aid

How much are subs?

Subs are £10.50 per month and they cover the cost of equipment, materials, badges, the scout hall and comprehensive insurance. They are paid by direct debit through your bank via a system called Online Scout Manager (OSM).

How to pay subs

Shortly after joining the group you will receive an email requesting you to sign up to the Online Scout Manager (OSM) system, please follow the simple instructions given in the email which are quite straightforward.

Online Scout Manager (OSM)

Online Scout Manager (OSM) is a secure web based administration system designed specifically for scout groups that allows us to manage payments directly with yourselves via your email address. It is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee and uses the ‘Go Cardless’ payment system sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Gift Aid

Shortly after joining you will receive an email from OSM requesting you to sign up to ‘Gift Aid’, please do sign up if you are a tax payer. This will mean that we we can claim extra money from the government at no cost to yourselves which is a great help to us and keeps your subs payments as low as possible. Thanks.