When do camps take place?

See individual section queries for details of when camps take place – Beaver Camps, Cub Camps, Scout Camps.

How much do camps cost?

We ask parents to pay a camp fee which covers the costs including accommodation, food and activities.
Leaders give their time free of charge and there is no profit made, in this way we do keep the cost of camps to a minimum so that as many children as possible can enjoy the excitement, personal development and fulfilment that the camp experience brings.
Camps vary in cost starting at around £10 for a day camp through £30/£40 for a weekend camp and a week long camp may be over £100 depending upon activities being embarked upon.
Full details will be given out with before each camp.

Where do camps take place?

Camps take place at a number of locations ranging from Beaudesert (which is just a 20 minute drive from Lichfield) to the Lake District which is, well … just a little further afield.

Directions to campsites

Click here to get directions to campsites.

Transport to camps

The 1st Lichfield Scout group do not have a minibus and so we do rely upon parents to transport children to and from camp locations.
Due to child safety regulations we cannot arrange transport with parents on behalf of children but please talk to other parents and share transport arrangements if you can.

Drop off and pick up points

We generally ask for parents to gather at the Scout Hall beforehand but then to transport children to the campsite and meet up again at the campsite. On return parents pick up children direct from the campsite.
If any parents are available to help put tents on arrival at the campsite or to help dismantle and pack away tents at the end of camp this is always appreciated.

Kit list – what to take

Please remember to put the child’s name on all kit (clothes and other equipment) and please do not send your child with anything that is valuable.
Children may get through several sets of clothing if the weather is wet and when they are involved in water activities or muddy exercises so send them with plenty of old clothes and old trainers (for example … those old trainers you are going to throw out then save them, they may be ideal for canoeing) – definitely no new or designer gear unless you can afford to replace it.
For a suggested Kit List click here

Getting in touch

Part of the benefit of camp is the feeling of independence and confidence that children gain from spending time away from home, however children can feel a little homesick especially on their first overnight camp.
Leaders are aware and sensitive to this and have many years experience dealing with emotional children. Experience shows that it doesn’t help for children to talk to parents as it generally makes the feeling of homesickness worse. So we ask that children do not bring mobile phones and that parents do not contact children direct.
If parents do wish to get in touch please contact the leader appointed as the contact point (their details will be given out before each camp), this leader will contact the on-site Head Of Camp to pass on any messages as required. If necessary the on site leaders will contact you using the contact details you give us before camp so we ask that you are contactable in case we do need to speak to you – though this is very rare.

Medical form

You will be given a medical form to complete before camp – this MUST be completed or else your child will NOT be allowed to go on camp.
Please enter all medical details including any allergies and intolerances, even if they do not seem relevant. There will be at least one ( and usually more than one ) trained first aider on each camp and any medical details will be noted and taken into account.
Please speak to one of the leaders if you have any concerns.

Money to take

There is very little to spend money on at camps, though there is sometimes a small tuck and gift shop where children may wish to purchase a few ( and we stress A FEW ! ) sweets or souvenirs.
For a weekend camp children will not need more than a few pounds, £3-£5 at the very most. Please send them with change as this isn’t so easily lost and is more readily exchanged at the shop.

Mobile phones

We ask that children do not bring mobile phones as they are expensive, easily lost and can be a distraction, so please NO MOBILE PHONES.

Electronic games

We ask that children do not bring electronic gadgets as they are expensive, easily lost and are a  definite distraction, so please NO ELECTRONIC GAMES OR MOBILE PHONES.
If children wish to bring a game to occupy themselves in their free time between activities then inexpensive card games are a good idea.


Food is provided for the children on camp and is included in the cost. You do not need to send any food with the children.
You will however need to complete a medical form before camp to note any food allergies, intolerances or specific dietary requirements on this form so that they can be accommodated.
Speak to the leaders if you have any concerns.


We ask that children do not bring large quantities of sweets with them on camp as they do have a habit eating too many which can make them very sick.
There may also be limited opportunities to buy a few sweets on site.